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Alexis and Robert

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Our Story

Back in 2016, Alexis worked with Rob's roommates at the time, Chris and Phil, and was going to a concert with them one night, so they invited her over to hang out beforehand. While they were hanging out, Rob came home for work and Alexis was smitten at first sight. When they were walking out to leave for the concert, Alexis said to Chris, "why didn't you tell me your roommate was so cute?!" Chris gave Alexis and Rob each other's phone numbers, and they traded the occasional text here and there, promising they were going to grab a drink in Conshohocken where Rob worked and Alexis lived at the time. As the years went on, they would see each other occasionally, but it wasn't until Memorial Day 2019 that Alexis reached out to Rob and asked what he was up to that day. He was busy, but said they should hang out that weekend. That weekend, they met up and spent the night out at Love City Brewing and the Rail Park (where Rob ended up proposing two years later!) with Rob's close friends from high school. They've been inseparable ever since :)